5 things on our Linux monitoring daemon

Our Linux server monitoring daemon is called sb-daemon. Here are few facts about it.

1. It’s written in pure Python.

We conducted tests on Centos and Fedora with Python versions 2.6 and 2.7. So it should work properly on other operating systems with mentioned Python versions.

2. It doesn’t require external libraries or tools.

To start using our server monitoring you don’t have to install anything except our daemon since it doesn’t have third-party software dependencies.

3. sb-daemon reads only /proc filesystem.

sb-daemon is open-source Python script.  You can check it to investigate how it works. To get performance parameters we check only /proc filesystem.

4. sb-daemon doesn’t fork processes.

We do not fork any processes from Python. Everything you may want to monitor we get from /proc filesystem so it doesn’t lead to any performance issues.

5. sb-daemon only sends data to ServerBeep.

Our software never requests any data from your servers. sb-daemon doesn’t open any listening sockets but only sends data to our servers.

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