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RDP server monitoring: new check port at ServerBeep.com

Today we have updated our server and website monitoring service with few fixes and improvements. One of them is new check port: RDP. RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol. It allows to connect to remote Windows servers to use them or to configure. So now our users are able to monitor their Windows servers and get email notifications if servers are inaccessible due to some reasons.

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ServerBeep.com is an open for discussion monitoring service. We are always glad to get your feedback. If you have any suggestions or improvement ideas please contact us.

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5 things on our Linux monitoring daemon

Our Linux server monitoring daemon is called sb-daemon. Here are few facts about it.

1. It’s written in pure Python.

We conducted tests on Centos and Fedora with Python versions 2.6 and 2.7. So it should work properly on other operating systems with mentioned Python versions.

2. It doesn’t require external libraries or tools.

To start using our server monitoring you don’t have to install anything except our daemon since it doesn’t have third-party software dependencies.

3. sb-daemon reads only /proc filesystem.

sb-daemon is open-source Python script.  You can check it to investigate how it works. To get performance parameters we check only /proc filesystem.

4. sb-daemon doesn’t fork processes.

We do not fork any processes from Python. Everything you may want to monitor we get from /proc filesystem so it doesn’t lead to any performance issues.

5. sb-daemon only sends data to ServerBeep.

Our software never requests any data from your servers. sb-daemon doesn’t open any listening sockets but only sends data to our servers.

ServerBeep.com: IPv6 ready monitoring service

IPv6 is a new version of IP protocol. It has a lot of significant differences and should replace the old IPv4 in the nearest future. IPv6 allows to identify up to 4,294,967,296 unique addresses. ServerBeep.com is glad to say that our service supports IPv6 from the very beginning. We have native IPv6.

One of the most notable differences from the old version is notation. An IPv6 address is represented by 8 groups of 16-bit values. Each of them is represented as 4 hexadecimal digits and separated by colons. For instance, one of our IPv6 addresses is 2a01:4f8:130:32a4::28.

So if your service or website have IPv6 version you can use our free service to check them without any issues.

Why website monitoring matters

1. If you use website monitoring you will be able to be aware of an outages before your customers. 

Nobody wants to know about his website inavailability from the customers. Nobody likes to get a call from an angry client. Our free and simple website monitoring ServerBeep.com can help you to be the first to know if something goes wrong.

2. It’s not possible to fix the problems you don’t know about.

An issue can happen five times a day and last for a 5 minute. Even if you use your own site very often it’s possible you won’t see any issue. But reliable website monitoring system will. When you get up in the morning you can take a look at your dashboard to check if it was smoothly running during the night.

3. Multiple contacts allow your colleagues to track your site availability during your days off.

To rest on your holidays you can add your collegue contact email to get the notifications to  make sure everything is working. You don’t need to worry if your site is up or down while having a rest. It’s your time.

4. Even if your site has high uptime you never know when it goes down.

The datacenters can have power issues, hard disk drives can fail.Only if you know about a problem you can handle it in a proper way. You can contact your technical specialists to ask them fix the issue, start to display maintenance page or post a tweet about the problem. And your customers will feel your care.

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Linux server monitoring is out

network usage monitoring

Hello! Earlier we announced our new set of features. Today we have pushed the updates into production for Linux server monitoring at ServerBeep.com. So now along with website and services availability we provide monitoring of:

  • CPU usage,
  • memory usage,
  • load average,
  • disk space usage,
  • and bandwidth usage.

You can find the screenshots and the description here.

We are very pleased to offer you server monitoring along with website and service availability checks. Our monitoring features will allow you to track your servers performance trough time. Now there are accessible daily and weekly graphs.

Getting started

To start using free Linux server monitoring you need to register and to setup the daemon on your Linux box. The installation process is simple and quick. We provide short but full instruction for the installation. The daemon is configurable and allows to disable some of features if you don’t need them.

The daemon is written in pure Python and doesn’t require any third-party software. It was tested on Centos and Fedora servers with Python versions 2.6 and 2.7, but also should work on other operation systems with these versions of Python.

The daemon was developed for high-traffic servers and shouldn’t lead to any performance issues.  In the most cases we read only /proc filesystem.

How the daemon works

Once in 5 minutes the daemon checks the server parameters and sends them to us. After that it sleeps until the next check. The daemon is open sourced.

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We are always glad to receive any of your input, so if you have any suggestions or questions please contact us.

Free Linux server performance monitoring by ServerBeep.com


During last few months we were working on a set of new features. And we are glad to announce them now.


In the nearest future you will be able to monitor:

  • CPU usage,
  • memory usage,
  • load average,
  • disk space usage,
  • and bandwidth usage.

on your Linux dedicated or virtual server.


  • It allows to analyze your Linux box performance and the dynamics.
  • It could help to find out the issues. (For instance, if you network usage reduces dramatically it could be related to some issues with the application or the server.)
  • The monitoring provides the possibility of performance and scaling issues forecasting. (For example, it could be CPU or memory related issues. If you have load average more then 50, for instance, it could mean that it’s time to analyze where it comes from.)
  • Our free monitoring service is the first place to check what is going on with your server.


To start using you would need to install our Python daemon which would collect and send the data to our servers. The daemon doesn’t need any special libraries and should work from the box (still in testing stage, so we’ll update the requirements soon). The daemon will be open sourced so you could check how it works.

Why CPU, memory, load average, disk and network usage monitoring?

Because from out point of view they are the most important and vital parameters for the Linux performance analysis. Even brief view on a dashboard could help to find the bottlenecks. Historical data allows easily inspect the server performance during certain period of time.

With ServerBeep everything you need to start monitor your server performance is to get an authentication key for the server in the membership area, download the daemon and configure it. Once it starts sending us the data you will be able to monitor it. The whole process should only take a few minutes.

Why Linux?

Linux is one of the most popular server operation systems and we use it ourselves. So the first step in performance server monitoring is Linux. If you need Windows or FreeBSD performance monitoring please kindly let us now.

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What you can monitor with ServerBeep.com

ServerBeep.com is a free web monitoring service.  Here’s a brief overview of our key features and a list of items you can monitor with our service.


If you run a website and you want to know when it goes down you can easily use ServerBeep.com for this. Just register, add your website  and assign the contacts for the site. And if your site becomes inaccessible due to various reason we will send you an email notification. And when it comes back we will send the notification once again.

VPS and dedicated servers

Our features list includes all common services checks: HTTP, FTP, mail services, MySQL and SSH. So you are able to monitor the most important services of your VPS or a dedicated server. You are free to add up to 10 services per account now. You can also monitor your services availability.