Bandwidth monitoring: new features at

Recently we have added the new features. Now we can describe them in a more detailed way.

One of the most popular features is network bandwidth monitoring for Linux servers. To use it you will need to install our free Python daemon which will collect the network usage statistics and push them to our servers (we provide the installation guide.) As soon as we have enough data you will be able to monitor your server(s) bandwidth. The daemon sends the updates every 5 minutes at the moment. To get the data the daemon reads /proc pseudo filesystem so it should not lead to any performance issues even on high-traffic servers.

At the moment only graphical (MRTG-like) information is available. We provide daily and weekly graphs. Now we support Linux only version of the daemon. If you need to monitor FreeBSD or Windows servers please let us know.

Along  with bandwidth monitoring, the daemon can collect data on memory, CPU, disk space usage and load average. So, almost all items which are necessary to monitor for getting smoothly running Linux server. Of course, website and service monitoring features are still available for free.

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