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network usage monitoring

Hello! Earlier we announced our new set of features. Today we have pushed the updates into production for Linux server monitoring at So now along with website and services availability we provide monitoring of:

  • CPU usage,
  • memory usage,
  • load average,
  • disk space usage,
  • and bandwidth usage.

You can find the screenshots and the description here.

We are very pleased to offer you server monitoring along with website and service availability checks. Our monitoring features will allow you to track your servers performance trough time. Now there are accessible daily and weekly graphs.

Getting started

To start using free Linux server monitoring you need to register and to setup the daemon on your Linux box. The installation process is simple and quick. We provide short but full instruction for the installation. The daemon is configurable and allows to disable some of features if you don’t need them.

The daemon is written in pure Python and doesn’t require any third-party software. It was tested on Centos and Fedora servers with Python versions 2.6 and 2.7, but also should work on other operation systems with these versions of Python.

The daemon was developed for high-traffic servers and shouldn’t lead to any performance issues.  In the most cases we read only /proc filesystem.

How the daemon works

Once in 5 minutes the daemon checks the server parameters and sends them to us. After that it sleeps until the next check. The daemon is open sourced.

Register for free now!

We are always glad to receive any of your input, so if you have any suggestions or questions please contact us.

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