Why website monitoring matters

1. If you use website monitoring you will be able to be aware of an outages before your customers. 

Nobody wants to know about his website inavailability from the customers. Nobody likes to get a call from an angry client. Our free and simple website monitoring ServerBeep.com can help you to be the first to know if something goes wrong.

2. It’s not possible to fix the problems you don’t know about.

An issue can happen five times a day and last for a 5 minute. Even if you use your own site very often it’s possible you won’t see any issue. But reliable website monitoring system will. When you get up in the morning you can take a look at your dashboard to check if it was smoothly running during the night.

3. Multiple contacts allow your colleagues to track your site availability during your days off.

To rest on your holidays you can add your collegue contact email to get the notifications to  make sure everything is working. You don’t need to worry if your site is up or down while having a rest. It’s your time.

4. Even if your site has high uptime you never know when it goes down.

The datacenters can have power issues, hard disk drives can fail.Only if you know about a problem you can handle it in a proper way. You can contact your technical specialists to ask them fix the issue, start to display maintenance page or post a tweet about the problem. And your customers will feel your care.

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