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During last few months we were working on a set of new features. And we are glad to announce them now.


In the nearest future you will be able to monitor:

  • CPU usage,
  • memory usage,
  • load average,
  • disk space usage,
  • and bandwidth usage.

on your Linux dedicated or virtual server.


  • It allows to analyze your Linux box performance and the dynamics.
  • It could help to find out the issues. (For instance, if you network usage reduces dramatically it could be related to some issues with the application or the server.)
  • The monitoring provides the possibility of performance and scaling issues forecasting. (For example, it could be CPU or memory related issues. If you have load average more then 50, for instance, it could mean that it’s time to analyze where it comes from.)
  • Our free monitoring service is the first place to check what is going on with your server.


To start using you would need to install our Python daemon which would collect and send the data to our servers. The daemon doesn’t need any special libraries and should work from the box (still in testing stage, so we’ll update the requirements soon). The daemon will be open sourced so you could check how it works.

Why CPU, memory, load average, disk and network usage monitoring?

Because from out point of view they are the most important and vital parameters for the Linux performance analysis. Even brief view on a dashboard could help to find the bottlenecks. Historical data allows easily inspect the server performance during certain period of time.

With ServerBeep everything you need to start monitor your server performance is to get an authentication key for the server in the membership area, download the daemon and configure it. Once it starts sending us the data you will be able to monitor it. The whole process should only take a few minutes.

Why Linux?

Linux is one of the most popular server operation systems and we use it ourselves. So the first step in performance server monitoring is Linux. If you need Windows or FreeBSD performance monitoring please kindly let us now.

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